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When we share ideas, we all become better teachers…


I never thought I’d be teaching piano let alone writing music and developing activities to help my students learn to read, improvise and play better and with less tedium and more fun. 

But here I am. This particular leg of the journey began about a year ago when I started writing music for my students. 

Once I made the decision to stop using the method I had been using for 10 years (I would have never considered teaching had it not been for that method) I needed to find a new path. The music on this website was my first step in that new direction. Nearly a year later, I am more than pleased with how well things are going. My students are playing better, reading better and creating more. With few exceptions, they are enjoying the new songs they are playing. 

I have been able to use the music I wrote in ways I never dreamed of at the time I was writing it and I have incorporated various activities to help move things along. I wasn’t exactly sure what to do with this website when I first put it up. I started with a forum and hoped that would become a tool for sharing. Unfortunately only the spammers made use of the forum so while it is still in place (and houses thoughts I had while creating my music), it is no longer open for new members and/or posting. Perhaps if there is ever any interest, I will reopen the forum, but for now it will remain as it is. And in its place, I have put up this blog. A year ago I didn’t think I had anything really worth saying on a blog. Now I think I have some things worth sharing. 

Additionally, just as my aim for the website is to provide a place where teachers can self-publish and sell music they have written, I would like to make this blog available for teachers who have a great idea or two that they would like to share but don’t have a place to share it. So if you have a great teaching idea,  email me at info@teachercreatedmusic.com and we can work on putting a guest blog post together.

Teachers are some of the most creative, giving people I know. With the Internet, we now have a way to connect with teachers beyond our immediate area. Maybe this blog and website can become vehicles to develop a worldwide community. That is my goal, that is my vision. Won’t you join me?



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